A member of the wasp family and a common pest in Northeast Ohio, Hornets build large nests that provide a home to thousands of hornets. These pests tend to build their nests in porches, attics, wall voids, hollow trees, and other secluded locations above the ground While hornets are not necessarily aggressive in nature, these pests are territorial and can sting multiple times when they feel threatened.

What Do Hornets Look Like?

An adult hornet features six legs, two pairs of wings, and legs, a head, thorax, and first abdominal segment that are reddish brown in color. Adult hornets are around 1 to 1.5 inches long.

Problems with Hornets

As mentioned, hornets will sting multiple times if they believe that you or someone else is threatening them or their nest. Your risk for hornet stings increases if you corner them in some area of your home or stumble upon their nest. Hornet stings are particularly dangerous to anyone in your family who may be allergic to them.

Hudson Pest Control Will Solve Your Hornet Issue

If you’re ready to eliminate your hornet problem for good, the pest control experts at Hudson Pest Control are here to help. We will exterminate the hornets that are currently in your home in addition to protecting your home against future hornet invasions. Contact us today to restore your home and happiness.