In small quantities, lady bugs may be cute from time to time. However, an infestation of these insects is certainly not something that any homeowner would like to deal with. Homeowners with a large lady bug population in their home should seek the support of a professional exterminator immediately.

Problems with Lady Bugs

While lady bug infestations do not occur often, these pests still have the possibility of entering a home. Lady bugs hibernate around homes and may accidentally enter a home through its holes and cracks rather than staying outdoors. Homeowners with homes that are in need of repairs or lack proper insulation are at a higher risk of experiencing lady bug pest control issues.

Since lady bugs eat aphids, they are most commonly found in gardens. Although their presence can benefit gardeners with large aphid populations, they can become problematic when they make their way into a home in large quantities. Fortunately, the health dangers of lady bugs are minimal. The main annoyance they may cause homeowners has to do with the yellow blood that they produce when they feel threatened. Their yellow blood can stain carpets, clothing, and other light surfaces.

Hudson Pest Control is a Reliable Lady Bug Exterminator

To combat and avoid lady bug infestations down the road, the lady bug extermination services at Hudson Pest Control can help. Our team of professional pest control specialists are here to assist you with your lady bug nuisance. Contact us today so we could solve your lady bug problem once and for all.