Seed bugs, also known as elm seed bugs are a new species of pests discovered in Idaho in the summer of 2012 that have spread to other locations in the United States. They originate from Europe and resemble the appearance of the boxelder bug. The only standout difference between the elm seed bug and boxelder bug is that the elm seed bugs are just under a quarter of an inch. Fortunately, elm seed bugs do not cause damage or bite but can become a huge nuisance to homeowners because of the large quantities that tend to enter homes.

What Do Seed Bugs Look Like?

As mentioned above, it can be challenging to differentiate the elm seed bug from the boxelder bug. Typically, elm seed bugs are ⅓ inches long and are mainly dark brown with a reddish colored abdomen. Similar to a boxelder bug, elm seed bugs feature wings that fold to form a thin X shape.

When Do Seed Bugs Enter Homes?

In most cases, elm seed bugs find their way into homes as temperatures start to rise and the spring season starts to come to fruition. While they do not cause physical harm to people or vegetation, elm seed bugs can lead to anxiety and discomfort. In addition, they can produce awful stains as well as a foul smell in the event that they are crushed.

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