In North America, there are more than 22 species of paper wasps. They feature distinctive long legs, black wings, yellow markings, and narrow bodies that are typically dark brown in color. Most paper wasps are about 1.9 to 3.2 centimeters in length.

Paper wasps are known for creating open and exposed nests that mimic the appearance of an upside down umbrella. They are the most commonly encountered species of wasps to enter homes. These pests can be found in porch ceilings, deck floors, attics, and at the top of door frames and windows.

Problems with Wasps

While paper wasps can be beneficial because of their assistance in pollination, they should not be allowed to populate in or around a home. Paper wasps can sting homeowners and cause extreme pain. Some homeowners may be allergic to the venom produced by paper wasps and experience severe reactions if they are stung.

Wasp stings often warrant visits to the emergency room or result in serious infections. Although wasps do not always cause problems, they can sting and attack a homeowner at any moment if they feel threatened.

Hudson Pest Control Offers Dependable Wasp Extermination Services

If you have a large group of wasps circling in your home, contact the extermination specialists at Hudson Pest Control before these pests hurt you or anyone else that lives in or enters your home. We will get rid of the wasps and restore your home so that you can finally free yourself from the discomfort they bring.