Mice have been tormenting humans since the beginning of time. Due to their ability to slip through the smallest of entry points, they are notorious for infesting buildings and homes. Their destructive eating habits paired with their ability to spread disease and damage homes make them an important concern for many property owners.

At Hudson Pest Control, we have years of experience in identifying mouse infestations. Our pest control experts track down any entry points that may let mice in and seal them up. We also find mouse nests and remove them for good. In addition to eliminating any mice that are already inside your property, we will make sure that you never see them again.

Identifying Mice

House mice are brown or gray rodents with small eyes and large ears. Although cereal grains are the main food of choice for mice, they will eat virtually any foods they find appealing. They have excellent senses of taste, smell, touch, and hearing and can climb through any vertical surface that is rough. They can also run in the horizontal direction along ropes or cable wires. Believe it or not, mice can also slip through any pencil sized crack.

House mice are known for consuming food that is meant for humans or pets and contaminating areas where food may be prepared with their bacteria filled feces that may lead to food poisoning. Additionally, they cause expensive damage to properties because of their consistent gnaws.

Mice Extermination Process

Our pest control experts will start by investigating your property to search for areas that mice may be using to enter inside. We will walk around the outside of your property and look in areas such as dryer vents, foundation cracks or holes, loose siding, and gas lines.

Once these areas are identified, we will determine what is about your property that is attracting mice. We will also let you know where these areas are so that you can seal these entry points with bronze wool, plaster, caulk, grout, or another sealant. To exterminate the mice that are already in your home, we will use baits, traps, and any other method necessary to ensure they disappear.

Say Bye, Bye to Mice with Hudson Pest Control

Instead of setting some mouse traps and calling it a day, Hudson Pest Control offers top-notch mouse prevention assistance to ensure that you never have to deal with unwanted mice in your property again. Our mice extermination services will free your property of damage and keep your loved ones safe.