Moles are small animals that are 5 to 7 inches long with small eyes, no visible ears, brown or dark gray fur, and long, slender snouts. They also contain front feet with claws that can allow them to dig quickly. All moles live underground almost all of the time and eat earthworms, grubs, and other bugs that venture into their underground tunnels.

The more lavish and lush a homeowner’s landscape is, the more appealing it is to a mole. Moles favor moist and soft soil that is most commonly seen in highly maintained landscapes. Although moles do not eat plants, they uproot the soil and expose roots of shrubs, plants, grass, and trees as they tunnel underground. Homeowners find that moles also make their landscape uneven and less beautiful.

Signs of a Mole Issue

Since moles rarely come above the ground, you will probably never see them. In the event you do, you should never approach them because they have incredibly sharp teeth and will bite.

Typically, the first sign of a mole problem is a mole ridge or hills caused by tunneling. Moles dig both shallow and deep tunnels. Shallow tunnels are just below the surface of the ground and are made as moles look for food. These types of tunnels are usually seen as flower bed or raised ridge in a lawn. Deep mole tunnels cannot be seen as they are 4 to 16 inches underground. They are caused by the soil being cleared as moles dig.

Other possible signs of mole activity on the outside of your home are mounds shaped like horseshoes, golf ball sized holes in your lawn, disrupted tree roots, hostas, and bulbs, and infested neighboring properties.

When are Moles Most Active?
Moles are unable to put on body fat so they are forced to eat during the winter and do not hibernate. This leads moles to be most active in the fall and early spring.

Eliminate Moles with Hudson Pest Control

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